New Year's Resolutions

Jan 16, 2014 - 12:22 PM
A different kind of going south for the winter! Madison Peer, a high school student from Michigan, and her horse Miley, spent their winter break in Kansas with Emily Wagner.

Happy 2014!

Gotta love Kansas. I have time to write this blog today as it is a blistering -1 degrees outside with a high of 5 degrees expected. Still, news of -33 in Minnesota makes me incredulous that horses and dressage can even survive! I guess they have heated indoors, but still, kudos to them!

How is everyone doing with the New Year’s resolutions? My sister (a personal trainer) says the gym is busy! I have two resolutions. First, I want to become better at managing my time. I would like to set aside more time for friends, family and fiancé… have better balance in life! The question is always “How?” I have tried to MAKE more time but the time machine still seems to have bobbles. So, I have to figure out how to cut some things from the agenda. But what?

I need to ride my own horses, teach lessons, ride the training horses, start our baby horses, try to market horses, take lessons, show, and keep up with the ever-dreaded paperwork! I don’t think I need to cut back… I just have to come up with more time. So, in 2014, I am going to get smarter with my time! I am going to be more organized. I will procrastinate less. I am going to set a schedule and not deviate from it. And maybe… just maybe… I will be able to hire a groom by the end of the year to help me out. But if anyone has suggestions for the time machine, I am still open to that.

Second, I want to improve my riding. I want to be like Edward or Charlotte. They don’t move when they ride, they don’t pull their right shoulder forward, they never hunch their shoulders, their hands don’t come too high! So, Mama will keep nagging me, and I will keep working on it.

In other news, I have started a farm Facebook page, Wally Woo Farm, because I figured it was time for us to get into the 21st century. A website will eventually happen, but one step at a time, right!?

Wakey and Willie are doing great. WakeUp is fat and happy! It is hard to imagine him fat, I know, but he likes the quiet winter months. I just applied for Willie’s passport, so we can both be pushed out of our comfort zone and try some CDI Grand Prixs later this year. I will be honest, I am a little jealous seeing pictures of people riding amongst palm trees. I am itchy to be able to push myself and the horses more. Let’s face it, it is hard to get a lot done when you have two parkas on and three layers of pants! However, I still think that it is good for the horses mentally and physically to not be challenged year round and this ‘arctic blast’ will pass.

Jeff and I are enjoying our puppy and getting excited planning for the wedding.

Wishing everyone success and happiness in 2014!

Blogger Emily Wagner, 25, shows and trains dressage horses out of her family’s farm in LaCygne, Kan. Her WakeUp is one of the riding stars of U.S. dressage, having won the 6-year-old national championship in 2011 and winning the Developing Prix St. Georges national championship in 2013. Read her inroductory blog to get to know her better.



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