London, Day 1

Aug 6, 2012 - 8:10 AM
Lauren's ready for the rain at Greenwich Park.

We’re here! And boy, are we exciting people: We got in, napped, walked around, are going to dinner, and then going to bed. Fast times, people. Fast times.

But seriously, there’s just not much for us to do today, except get the lay of the land. We had a mostly-uneventful trip, which started with a very dramatic flight delay and worries of a missed connection, followed up by a prompt change of airports and flights which went smooth as anything. (You all should be so lucky as to travel with my mother, a professional airline customer: She’s got some SERIOUS airport clout!) Flight landed on time, traffic to the house wasn’t bad, and the sun was even out for our wanderings. Neat!

We didn’t have tickets for today’s show jumping final, so we walked around hoping we could see something. No dice. Security ain’t kidding at these games, for which I am very grateful, even though it means that there’s no sneaking in. Despite the “No way, no how” answer from every official looking person we met, they were all delightful and helpful and kind.

We did get to mull about Greenwich Park a little bit, though any viewing of anything horse related is off limits. (I did sneak my iPhone over a fence to capture… an empty dressage arena. OOOOOH! AHHH!) But we could hear the roar of the crowds from today’s show jumping, so while we couldn’t see a thing, we were pretty close.

We then walked around the nearest little shopping hamlet, bought groceries, came back. I’m uploading my first round of (not-all-that-interesting) pictures, and then we’re off to dinner, and then we’re off to bed. Pretty thrilling stuff.

It is absolutely going to rain tomorrow, which is a bummer, but we’re armed to the teeth with various impermeable jackets, hats and boots. I believe I have enough data (thanks, AT&T!) to tweet each ride, but I’ll certainly do the highlights. And don’t forget to check into the Chronicle’s Live Blog.

Off for some noshing!


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