A To-Do List For A Quiet Weekend At Home

Sep 22, 2012 - 12:46 PM
Note to self: When writing bills, a sweet note makes writing the check not so bad.

1. It is going to be STUNNING this week, so trot sets. Lots and lots of trot sets.

1a. Buy more Bodyglide.

1b. Probably more naproxen as well.

2. Cook real food. On the list: stuffed green bell peppers, ah-mazing vegetarian chili, gyros with homemade tzaziki sauce. Freeze lots for the nights when I’m teaching for-freaking-ever.

3. Make a big dent in the office work. On that list: two grants, one restructuring of horse ownership (more on that soon!), two clinic applications, and three clinics on my own farm.

4. Attend and enjoy the annual party for the Orlean Community Trail System, a super-cool neighborhood group that has linked up dozens of private properties so we can hack for miles around the community on land cleared by volunteers. They’re a phenomenal group that is dedicated to not only being great neighbors, but also preserving the incredible countryside for our equine way of life. Best part of the annual party: food from my neighbor, Brian’s, award-winning Red Truck Bakery. Moonshine cake and focaccia. OMG.

5. Go running. (see moonshine cake and focaccia.)

6. Host one of my distance clients for the weekend. She schleps up two and a half hours (EACH WAY) to ride her wonderful horse, who lives with us most of the year. This weekend she’s bringing her husband (responsible for fixing my busted Achilles tendon/heel problem blast year, rockstar) and her three really very wonderful children who, in spite of being very wonderful, are a very motivating method of birth control.

7. Try and figure out what the plural of the term “Grand Prix” is. (Heavy debate going on my Facebook page, but I’m leaning towards the unofficial COTH policy of “Grand Prix classes.”)

8. Lament the resurgence of the stink bug, the nastiest little wee beastie to roam the NoVA countryside. Blech.

9. Pay bills. Not so fun. But at least my bill from Michael has a pretty darn cute note inside. (See photo). Remember this trick for softening the blow for when you have to send out really big bills!

10. Teach people I love, ride horses I love, bask in the glow of 75 degree days, and recharge. Next weekend it’s a clinic in southern Virginia, my birthday and a 5K, and it’s the first weekend of five in a row that I won’t have a normal weekend. And the cold is just around the corner…



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