Cooper Is Home!

Nov 13, 2009 - 3:30 PM

Well everyone, it’s been a hectic week getting Cooper back on the road to recovery.

I am thrilled to say that about two hours ago I was lucky enough to go pick Cooper up from New Bolton Center.

I would like to thank the vets, students and everyone involved with Cooper’s recovery and stay at New Bolton. Things really couldn’t have been much more problematic for Cooper. There were so many bumps in the road that we have been through to get him to the point that he could come home.

I nearly cried when I walked him back into the barn. I honestly thought for a little bit that I would never see Cooper back in a stall at True Prospect Farm. I have to say he looks a bit silly—he has a catheter in his neck, a cast on his leg, and, to top it off, he has this amazing belly bandage on that has a rainbow breastcollar to keep it in place.

I told everyone at New Bolton that if and when Coop comes back to a competitive career, I will rock that breastcollar at his first event.

Cambalda is doing quite well, and I am thrilled with how much he can bend his knee. Every day I do therapy with him so that the knee will remain super flexible. He is being a good patient, and he also got to start walking today, which I think he is pretty thrilled about.

Soon he will get to go out in a small turn-out if he continues to behave himself. I am also thrilled to say that Ping got named to the developing rider list, which is really exciting. How lucky am I to have two horses that are so talented?

The end of the season has come with the last competition being the Rubicon Farm Horse Trials. I had three young ones competing there, and they all went well. Beth Battel’s horses, Chasing Dreams and Diligence, really stepped up to the plate. Chase won a novice division on a 22, and Dylan finished his second event on a 32. What lovely young horses she breeds. Whoever ends up owning these animals will be lucky!!!! I also rode a young horse for Suzanne Kloud named Zoom Zoom. He is an OTTB that was doing his third novice, and he ended up fourth.

As I was unzipping my vest on the last ride of the day, I thought back to the first time I zipped my vest up this season…A lot has changed since that moment, and for some reason this small action made me think about all that has occurred. There have been some serious ups and downs for me this year, but that seems to be how it goes. The one thing that has not changed is my love for this sport and my seriously amazing horses.

Thank you again to everyone that has supported me through the good times and bad.

Take care,

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