Casual Horse Palaces At The Hampton Classic

Sep 2, 2017 - 12:39 PM

Bridgehampton, N.Y.—Sept. 2

Everything is over the top at the Hampton Classic, so it should come as no surprise that the barns, temporary though they may be, are as beautiful as any permanent structure you’ve ever seen. The flowers, the furniture, the artit makes walking down a barn aisle feel like strolling down a fancy furniture store’s display! Check out some pictures we got of the different set ups:

This is just the TEMPORARY barn sign! Beautiful! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Have a seat at the table, on the bench, throw a dinner party, you can do whatever! Photo by Ann Glavan.
OK, admittedly this reporter might be obsessed with flowers, but come on these are gorgeous. Photo by Ann Glavan.
This set up was definitely made with dogs in mind—how perfect is this little fenced in “yard” for the pups? Photo by Ann Glavan.
Picnic anyone? It’s really hard to believe all these set-ups are in temporary tent stalls. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Love the beach plant theme! Photo by Ann Glavan.
This temporary living room is 100 percent more chic than 99 percent of permanent livings rooms. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Love the flowers for the entrance! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Just more flowers, because seriously who doesn’t want to casually hang out in a garden between classes. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Win coolers make great throw blankets! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Be still my heart—those ears! Photo by Ann Glavan.
This set-up might get the most elaborate award. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Move over Martha Stewart, there’s a new sheriff in town! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Love the little decor details on this one. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Yes, more flowers. I’m not mad though. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Are you catching the theme with this barn? Photo by Ann Glavan.
Class winners get these nifty little medallions, and this barn cleverly pinned theirs to a pillow! Photo by Ann Glavan.
This set-up looks to perfect to sit in for a mid-day break. Photo by Ann Glavan.
This barn takes their plants from their set-up each year and plants them around the farm at home—can you imagine how many flowers they must have from the years?! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Missy Clark’s North Run barn set-up includes curtains with sponsors embroidered on them—this is the very intricate embroidered logo for Clark’s charity that helps pay for life-saving vet work to prevent owners from having to put pets down due to financial restrictions. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Clark estimates this bear might be going on 30 years young with the North Run crew, and says he has served as a pillow for many a weary rider in need of an afternoon nap. Photo by Ann Glavan.
OK, so more explanation is needed for this one—this is Henrietta the emu. Trainer Missy Clark saw her at a booth 25 years ago at the Ox Ridge Horse Show (Conn.) and bought her. “She wears her pearls for the Hamptons,” Clark said with a laugh. “And she’s kind of hiding in the bushes this year, but in years past she’s been more out in the open and many a horse has spooked at her hanging out there.” Can you blame them? Photo by Ann Glavan.
We can safely say she’s the most stylish emu at the Hampton Classic. Photo by Ann Glavan.
The full North Run set-up. Photo by Ann Glavan.
The joint Stonehenge/ Beacon Hill set-up. They take their flowers home to plant at their houses after the show! Photo by Ann Glavan.
A great table to sit around and strategize before classes. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Horse show art on point! Photo by Ann Glavan.
SO. MANY. PLANTS. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Kelianda Farm has no shortage of win coolers decorating their curtains! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Just a whole trough of flowers. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Loving the rustic farm theme at Kelianda! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Have a seat and stay a while! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Look at this good little pupper waiting patiently for his parents. Photo by Ann Glavan.
No shortage of win medallions at Baxter Hill Farm! Photo by Ann Glavan.
It’s a little chilly at The Hampton Classic this year, so the Gochman family’s set-up looks extra cozy! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Ribbons and beautiful portraits of their horses and ponies grace the Gochman family’s tackroom walls. Photo by Ann Glavan.
And of course no set-up is complete without the flowers! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Love this tiny desert garden on the Ingram family’s table. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Switching it up with their banner out front, it’s working! Photo by Ann Glavan.
And of course, the most important part of any set-up according to the horses. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Ribbons, coolers and photos decorating the Ingram family’s walls. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Ok, the reporter will admit a bias to loving gray color schemes like this one. Photo by Ann Glavan.

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